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Craftsmanship Meets Creativity

Craftsmanship Meets Creativity

At Veske our design led approach is combined with our expertise and commitment to quality. Our specialist manufacturing team carefully transform our products from concepts, designs and considered materials to final products ready for dispatch, all from our workshop in Montrose, Scotland.

Creativity and craftsmanship work closely together as part of our process, allowing us to redefine quality and durability in our new range of accessories – Veske.

Back to Our Roots

Our parent company was first established in 1789 (check out our timeline here if you’re interested in hearing more about Our Story) and with our long established heritage, comes an abundance of skills and expertise that has been passed down along the way. Taking us back to our roots, the Veske Heritage collection was developed around the core values of our parent company, but making sure that we introduced new ideas from our designer. Veske is where Craftsmanship Meets Creativity.

Our design led approach is combined with our commitment to craftsmanship and quality. For over 230 years, we have been proud to build our reputation on quality and authenticity. We manufacture all our accessories in house, which means we can keep a close eye on the manufacturing process. We’ve carefully sourced all our materials from selected suppliers and our specialist team in house hand manufacture all our products.⁠

Creativity ⁠

With our heritage based around hand manufacturing products that are built to last and are purposeful, we wanted to make sure that we carry these values through into our new range Veske. With this in mind, the careful selection of materials was important, alongside the design development of our product shapes. In 2018, our research into Veske began and subsequently the Heritage Collection was developed and is set to stay as part of our core range.

Our designer, Amy, said: “The Veske Heritage Collection is the first collection to be seen from Veske and is a taster of what’s to come in the future. It’s amazing to be working within a small, family run, Scottish manufacturing company that were first established in 1789 but are also so keen to make sure that they diversify so that they might be around for another 230 years!

We worked hard to make sure Veske was authentic to the heritage of the parent company but also that it adopted new design ideas to make it appeal to the fashion and lifestyle market. As a designer in the manufacturing industry, creativity and craftsmanship often work hand in hand to get the final outcome.

There’s an abundance of skilled teams in this industry that have made products within Scotland for a number of years – to me, it’s important to utilise their skills alongside the new ideas as a designer you might bring to the table. Craftsmanship and creativity work together.”

As our website goes live this week – we look forward to sharing more stories of the background to Veske and hope you enjoy learning about us more. Make sure to sign up to get our occasional news updates by email – sign up below!