3 years ago

Purpose Meets Product

Here at Veske our heritage, which dates back to 1789, was focussed on creating products that had a purpose. Today our Veske collection combines heritage, tradition and innovation.Our parent company Montrose Rope and Sail first started by hand manufacturing ropes and hand sewn sails for the local Scottish fishing fleets up and down the east coast of Scotland and beyond. Back in this time, these products had the purpose of supplying the maritime industry, allowing sailors, fishermen and workers, with products that allowed them to do their jobs.

Traditionally and since the first products were made, the company have always had a focus on hand manufacturing, high quality and craftsmanship and is a large part of our heritage and reputation. Today, at Veske, our design led approach keeps all of this in mind and it’s the core values stay the same.

Design Ideas
Going back to the beginning of Veske, when it was still just an idea in the Paton families head, the focus has always been celebrating the craftsmanship of our specialist team and the skills that have been passed down over the centuries within the company. Starting with our design process, when we were creating Veske, we wanted to make sure that the products that became part of Veske had this focus of hand manufacturing and craftsmanship at the core. This means that Veske can be as authentic to our heritage as possible.
Combining our heritage, expertise and commitment to quality, informs the development of our products and their functionalist aspects.

Staying true to our routes, the design of our Veske products had to be functional. Functionalist ideas appear in many forms, including in the actual design of the product and also in the consideration of materials and components that are used.
During the first development stages of product design, we searched locally, nationally and internationally for material suppliers that might fit the bill. We attended tradeshows in Germany, France and Copenhagen on the look our for the right materials and fixtures.

As our first collection from Veske was always going to firmly link back to our roots, we decided that Halley Stevensons, the Waxed Cotton specialist, was the right choice for us. Their Baltic works is only 30 miles away in Dundee from our workshop in Montrose and they have a similar heritage to ours too. They specialise in waxed cotton and weatherproofed fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing. Using a more sustainable material like the one we have from Halley Stevensons, was a huge consideration in our design process which we weren’t willing to comprise on. We are also delighted that we have been able to source such an important part of our products from within Scotland.

Functionalism also was a consideration in the product design. Our parent company has a large product archive of past products created and designed for people who needed specialist equipment for working offshore, and, this was the first stop for product inspiration.
With designing product for the offshore industry comes considered design, high spec, quality materials and a product that will perform. All the Veske products are designed to perform and last for years to come.

Tradition and Innovation
With looking back to the past and our heritage, also comes the new innovative things of today which didn’t exist before. We use innovation to improve our processes, practises and also design/materials/components. We’ve used traditional closure components, alongside some new innovative fastenings. See our Fidlock lateral sliding buckle working here: Veske Fidlock Buckle  

The old and new. Back to our roots. Tradition and innovation working together. These are a few things that matter to us and our Heritage Collection, the first collection to be seen from Veske. View it here now: Veske Heritage Collection